Financial Assistance Program

San Jose Surf Soccer Club aims to provide for our club members and encourage participation, even in difficult financial seasons.  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are proud to be able to offer limited financial assistance in support of your membership to our club. If you feel your family/player is a candidate for assistance in our Competitive program, you may confidentially apply for financial assistance for a portion of your fees as listed below.  Please note that all assistance is based on need, as determined by each submitted application and supporting tax/financial/government documentation.  Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that any request for financial assistance may be fulfilled.

  • Competitive Program: Partial aid may be considered towards the training fee only (up to $1,100), AFTER basic registration fee ($390 required payment) has been paid. Families are still responsible for payment of uniforms, tournaments, and other team fees.

APPLICATION:  San Jose Surf Soccer Club has partnered with School and Student Services (SSS) in our club’s financial aid process.  SSS is a leader in providing financial aid assistance with schools and clubs, large and small.  Its application process can be completed in both English or Spanish.  To begin your financial aid application, you will complete the SSS Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) then submit the required documents for our Club indicated in the pdf instructions, below.

  • The PFS is an application that will take some time to complete. Give yourself the time you need by not waiting until our deadline approaches. You will need your most recent tax return before beginning the PFS.
  • The $55 application fee is non-refundable but will be reimbursed in any financial aid award.  The reimbursement is provided by Club donors who generously support our Financial Aid program.
  • We recommend reviewing SSS resources to help families with the financial aid process. They are found at
  • We will communicate our financial aid decision to you, directly from the SSS platform. To make our decision, we use the information from the PFS as a starting point and consider our Club policies, practices, and available budget.

DEADLINES: All applications and supporting documentation must be submitted by August 1st, 2021.

NOTIFICATION OF AWARD: Notification of acceptance/denial for financial assistance awards will be completed prior to August 15th, 2021, and will come via email from the platform, SSS.

WORK ASSIGNMENTS: In exchange for financial assistance from San Jose Surf, you must fulfill a work assignment, as detailed below.  As of May 12th, 2021, and due to the uncertainty of tournaments during summer and fall 2021, all volunteer work assignments/responsibilities will remain TBD until further notice.  The structure of work assignments from previous years is below.

  • All families receiving financial aid will be assigned unpaid jobs in support of club activities.  For the purposes of this agreement, “work assignments” may include assistance at tryouts (e.g registration), field/equipment maintenance, tournaments, administrative help, and/or coaching.  All work assignments will require a  signed verification from a designated club representative of your fulfilled responsibilities.
  • The number of work hours committed is based on the monetary award amount.
  • Opportunities to fulfill assignments will be communicated to the financial aid families as they become available.
  • Families agreeing to the terms of Surf’s Financial Assistance Program are solely responsible for taking the initiative to fulfill their volunteer commitment on time and upholding all commitments to work assignment(s).
  • Failure to show at the assigned job (without giving at least 24 hours notice) or failure to fulfill work commitments on time, will result in revocation of the current financial assistance and elimination from consideration for future financial assistance.  Families will then need to pay all fees previously covered by the Financial Assistance Program within the current season, or the player will no longer be able to participate in San Jose Surf.
  • If your family has NOT met at least half (50%) of their respective volunteer commitment by Jan 15th, the player will NOT be eligible to continue participating in practices, games or tournaments until their commitment is fulfilled.  Financial Assistance work commitments are to be performed in addition to team volunteer commitments (e.g., if the team needs each parent to volunteer for a shift at a tournament, the scholarship commitment will be fulfilled only after the parent has first volunteered to fill the team commitment.)

If you have missed an application deadline, or for more information, please email: [email protected]

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