The ECNL is a national youth soccer league founded in 2009 for the purpose of providing the highest level of competition and the best developmental environment for American youth soccer players, as well as an identification program for identifying players for US Soccer Youth National Teams. The 2009-2010 season was the ECNL’s inaugural season.

The ECNL was founded by clubs throughout the country based on the belief that elite player development in the United States needed a structure that would reduce the total number of games on the schedule and increase the number of meaningful, quality games. The ECNL sets forth a vision that provides a clear path to that goal: a national competition schedule and a national identification program linked to that competition, and an organization in which best practices in player development can be shared throughout the country.

What does moving to the ECNL mean for SAN JOSE SURF And our players?

Competing in the ECNL will afford us the opportunity to continue our club-centric model in a more competitive development environment and offer a stronger competition model for player development while offering a proven college track path.

Why should I play in the ECNL?

The ECNL was formed with one driving purpose: to improve the developmental environment for elite soccer players.

In order to accomplish this, the ECNL has several specific objectives:

• Increase the frequency with which the top players in the country have the opportunity to compete against each other;
• Decrease the number of uncompetitive games for the top players in the country so that these players can train more frequently
• Increase the collegiate recruiting exposure for top players;
• Provide an alternative identification program for these players to be identified for US Soccer Youth National Teams.

Every member club of the ECNL is dedicated to accomplishing these objectives. By coming together into the ECNLECNL member clubs can help to make the changes necessary to accomplish these objectives far more quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Who plays in the ECNL?

For a complete list of member clubs, please go to

Ready to get more info on San Jose Surf and all we have to offer?

San Jose Surf ECNL Program provides opportunities for boys ages U13 to U19 to participate and play within the state. Tryouts will occur at Starting in May in San Jose and are open to all players. Please register below to attend one of our ECNL tryouts.

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your interest in San Jose Surf.

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