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As the Northern California operating affiliate of the San Diego Surf Soccer Club (serving the entire Bay Area Peninsula soccer market), San Jose Surf shares the Surf “Best of the Best” mission – to provide all boys and girls players starting at young ages (U8/U9) with the best coaching and player development program, from elementary school through college, working in collaboration with, not in competition with local and community soccer clubs.

Club America San Jose (CASJ) began in 2007 as a result of the efforts of a group of local parents with a desire to bring affordable competitive soccer to the San Jose. Due to the enormous growth of both the population in San Jose and the popularity of soccer nationwide, CASJ grew from four teams at its inception to sixteen teams in 2015. In January 2017, Club America joined San Jose Surf.

San Jose Surf Soccer Club is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


San Jose Surf 2022-23 Fees

U6-U8 - Competitive2016-2015$595$800$1,395
U9-U10 - Academy2014-2013$595$1,000$1,595
U11-12 - Premier2012-2011$595$1,200$1,795
U13-U19 - ECNL / Pre-NPL / NPL / Premier2010-2004$595$1,400$1,995

The fees below are for the 2022-2023 San Jose Surf calendar year. A breakdown of everything is which is included is listed below.


  • Training and Match Fields
  • Player, Manager and Coaching Passes
  • Fall and Spring Leagues
  • NorCal State Cup
  • Club Administration
  • Coaching (where applicable)
  • League and State Cup Referees
  • 2 Tournaments Olders (Champions Cup / Copa Surf)
  • 2 Tournaments Youngers (Surf Super Copa / Copa Surf)
  • Club Fundraiser (All money raised goes to offset 22-23 dues in your account. Pre-Pay is included)


All players will all incur the below costs, though there is some variability in uniform costs, depending on whether you purchase optional items such as warm-ups or bags, as well as in team costs.

  • Club Registration (paid online to Club during registration–$595);
  • Uniforms (paid directly via during online uniform ordering)


Fees include $100 in pre-paid raffle tickets for a grand prize car or cash to be drawn at the Surf Cares event in the Fall. Each player will receive 13 raffle tickets at the start of Oct, which can then be sold or the family can enter themselves in the raffle (pre-paid). Additional tickets will be available to sell in order to win great incentive prizes! Every dollar raised goes directly into the players own Surf Portal account.


San Jose Surf Soccer Club aims to provide for our club members and encourage participation, even in difficult financial seasons. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are proud to be able to offer limited financial assistance in support of your membership to our club. If you feel your family/player is a candidate for assistance in our Competitive program, you may confidentially apply for financial assistance for a portion of your fees. More information can be found by visiting our FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM page on our site.

Bay Area Surf 2022-23 Fees

U8-U19 Premier/Pre-NPL/NPL at Twin Creeks2014-2003$390$3,410$3,900
U13, U14 & U16 MLS NeXt via Bay Area Surf at Twin Creeks2010-2007$390$3,410$3,900
U12-U19 ECNL Girls via Bay Area Surf at Twin Creeks2011-2004$390$3,410$3,900

Bay Area Surf offers Financial Assistance for players in need and prides in offering everyone an opportunity to play at the highest levels. For more information please visit

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